Songkhla still has a total of 650 covids, 38,783 cumulative infections, 4 southern provinces have not stopped.

On October 17, 1964, news reports from the Risk Communication Mission Group. Public Health Office (Sor.Sor.) Songkhla revealed that Found 650 new cases of Covid-19 on October 17, excluding those in prisons and abroad, bringing the total to 38,783, with 1 additional death, and 172 cumulative deaths.

“The most infected people in the area who are in contact with the infected people in the area are families, the highest found in Muang District, Hat Yai, Chana, Saba Yoi, Thepha, Rattaphum, Sadao and Singhanakhon districts. Over 6,200 people have been hospitalized, a record for the past 7 days. 400-600 people a day is still considered high.”

news reports that The second group of patients was the waiting group for disease investigation. High-risk exposure groups in factories, markets, shops, companies, public health groups Group of travelers from other provinces Group of confirmed patients from other provinces

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