Sonic Frontiers reveals a new preview of its open world and prepares us for very upcoming news

Those responsible for the project show some gameplay scenes combined with landscapes from their world.

Sonic Frontiers has become one of the games most anticipated of this 2022. Su open world proposal has convinced a large number of players, although we are still waiting to know More data related to the new adventure of the blue hedgehog. But, according to the latest information, it is very possible that SEGA offer us news in a very short time.

IGN Will Provide More Sonic Frontiers News Through IGN FirstApparently the middle IGN is preparing a month of June full of news related to video games, which includes unpublished features on the aforementioned Sonic Frontiers. To promote this move, the official Sonic YouTube account has released a breve teaser in which new images of the game can be seen while inviting us to be attentive to the publications of said portal.

As you can see at the beginning of this text, the SEGA team has let us take a look at some general mechanics from Sonic Frontiers. In this way, you can see some combat scenes, mechanics related to the map, the destruction of colossal creatures and, of course, special emphasis is also placed on the incredible speed of the famous blue hedgehog.

Therefore, the appearance of Sonic is confirmed at some point in the game. month of June, so we will be waiting to receive more information about the well-known SEGA mascot. Ultimately, the company has managed raise our expectations with a game that pretends to become such an influential delivery as was the classic Sonic Adventure, an achievement that can take the saga to the next level.

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