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Personality news Sonic – The iconic voice of the blue hedgehog makes her apron

Roger Craig Smith, this name may not ring a bell, and yet it has rocked many of your years. Indeed, the man in question was quite simply the official American voice of Sonic, the blue hedgehog of SEGA that we no longer present. Why “was”? Because the latter decides today to return his apron.

After bringing the SEGA mascot to life for nearly 10 years, Roger Craig Smith decides to step away from his iconic role which began in 2010 with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Sonic Generations. Indeed, without even mentioning the reasons for this new decision, the professional voice actor announced his departure on Twitter.

These 10 years have been an incredible race. Forward to new areas! Much love for the fans who have been so kind, it has been an honor!

Quickly, the many players in the field and many developers decided to pay tribute to this now essential voice.. This is particularly the case of the English studio Hardlight of SEGA, author of Sonic Dash and Sonic Racing, or the creators of ToeJam & Earl (the old mascots of the Japanese firm).

Thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought to me, to my friends and to my family. It may only be 10 years, but your voice will echo through the halls of portrayals of legendary characters for ages. ToeJam & Earl’s official Twitter account

As a reminder, Roger Craig Smith is not only the voice of our dear blue hedgehog, since he has also played many other iconic video game characters, starting with Ezio fromAssassin’s Creed II and Chris Redfield, one of the heroes of the saga Resident Evil. Obviously, this departure of Roger Craig Smith does not change anything in the program of Alexandre Gillet, another unforgettable voice, who is in particular the official French voice actor of Sonic since 2006.

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