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Game developers should also make every new PlayStation 4 game compatible with the PlayStation 5 starting in July. At the same time, Sony says that PS5 exclusives will not all be playable on the older console.

From July 13, every game certified by Sony for the PS4 should also be able to run on the PS5. The forwards compatibility must also remain after the release of the console; developers should not remove them, Eurogamer writes based on documents on Sony’s internal developer website.

The feature applies to games that will be certified on PlayStation 4 on or after July 13 of this year. There are also a number of games under development that will only be released after that date, but which are already certified – the new rule will apply to them. not. Sony says it will contact developers in person to help them get compatibility done.

The requirement goes beyond just ticking a box, Sony writes. The game is officially ‘compatible’ if the supplied code runs without problems on the new console, and if the game has the same functions on the PS5 as on the PS4.

Sony has previously said that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible, but no official requirements have yet been set for this. However, the company said that ‘the vast majority’ of the PS4 games can also be played on the new console.

At the same time, the games for the PS5 do not automatically play on the PS4, as is the case with the Xbox. Sony CEO Jim Ryan says in an interview with that the upcoming console “should have features and benefits that the previous generation does not have.” According to Ryan, game developers should put those benefits into the games for the new console.

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