Sony announced new Playstation 5 series

The Japanese electronics company Sony has announced its new PlayStation 5 console at a price of 499.99 dollars (around 425 euros). A version without a hard drive is already available for 399.99 dollars (around 340 euros), the company said. Both versions would be on the market from mid-November.

The PlayStation 5 without disk reader offers in comparison “a significant discount without sacrificing performance or hardware,” said Guilherme Fernandes of the gaming analysis company Newzoo. With the PlayStation 5, which is mostly white in its new design, the Microsoft rival is offering a more cost-effective version without a hard disk drive, as digital downloads are becoming the standard in the gaming industry.

The demand for game consoles has picked up during the coronavirus crisis, causing the Japanese manufacturer’s shares to rise 46 percent after a slump in March.

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