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Sony is quietly developing a DualShock smartphone controller

Sony has patented a new design suggesting the company is working on a PlayStation controller for mobile devices.

The patent was released by the Japanese division of Sony Interactive Entertainment last week. He introduces a design resembling a split version of the PlayStation 4’s Dualshock controller rather than the DualSense of the PS5. In the design, the left and right handles are divided, with the touchpad section replaced with space for a smartphone.

Assembly including a diagram of the controller present in the Patent filed by Sony – Credits: Sony

This space could also be flexible depending on the size of the device. being placed there, because the device would have “A rod part which can be tilted by the user, and detect the tilt direction and the amount of tilt”.

Our smartphone transformed into a Playstation

If the project ever comes to fruition, it will certainly be possible to play PlayStation branded games on a smartphone via Remote Play or via Cloud, just as currently offers Microsoft thanks to its offer Xbox Cloud Gaming. This would once again confirm the Japanese multinational’s intention to assert itself in the mobile games market.

Indeed we already know that Sony wants to adapt its PlayStation franchises on Android and iOS before March 2022. In this regard the CEO of Sony said: “ PlayStation has a large catalog of first-party licenses that can be adapted on mobile to complement our AAA games or service games. We explore the mobile market with wonderful PlayStation franchises, so stay tuned ».

Sony can’t miss the mobile gaming market

It is currently impossible to determine the release date or even if the product will actually see the light of day in the trade. However, it is more than likely that this controller will see the light of day with other innovations dedicated to games on smartphones. Because mobile platforms have enormous potential. According to a recent study produced by Sony, they generated $ 121 billion worldwide in 2020. Opposite there is a market of $ 62 billion for console games and $ 42 billion for PC games. It is therefore easy to understand Sony’s new strategy.

Let us not forget either that the market will focus in the coming years on virtual reality. In this idea, these innovations for mobiles are an intermediate step before a merger between consoles, smartphones and virtual / augmented reality headsets (glasses). Apple, which does not want to lose its place as a pioneer, is also already developing an autonomous headset (not requiring a smartphone or a connected console). The firm should stop producing iPhones within 10 years. The future is on …

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