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Sony launches PlayStation Star loyalty program to help players celebrate achievements

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To help players celebrate the achievement, Sony has launched a new PlayStation Star Loyalty Program. It allows players to earn points and digital collectibles through “fun and enjoyable activities” (not the NFT kind), as long as users with an adult PlayStation Network account can join for free, and PS+ members can enjoy specific benefits. According to the official introduction, the activities launched by PlayStation Star are very “diversified”. There are “Monthly Check-In” rewards that you can earn by playing any game, as well as difficult quests that can only be completed after earning a specific trophy or being one of the first platinum titles in a region. Among the first batch of online activities, there is a “1994 hit song”, you need to choose the correct game to start according to the clues given by the song, and you can get special collectibles only after you answer correctly.

Collectibles obtained through PlayStation Star may be rare but not unique and cannot be resold or traded. Points can be redeemed for catalog items, which may include PSN Wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products. In addition, PlayStation Star will also introduce the concept of levels, which are divided into four states, depending on the milestones players have reached. Once you reach a status level, that level will remain for the remainder of the current calendar year and for an additional 13 months thereafter. For example, a level achieved in October of this year can be maintained until January 31 of the following year.

Currently PlayStation Star has been launched in Asia, and will land in North and South America on October 5th local time, followed by Europe and Australia on October 13th. For the time being, players need to get the full PlayStation Star experience through the PlayStation app on Android and iOS, and the official console support will be added later.

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