Sony launches two new Walkman with a price within reach of few

The Walkman It is probably the most famous portable music device in history, not only because it was the first to offer us this possibility, but also because it democratized and made available to everyone the possibility of playing our favorite music anywhere and with maximum privacy. Unlike iPods, which have been discontinued forever by Apple, Walkmans still have a long way to go. Now with two new models that offer us the most exclusive features to listen to music with incredible quality.

With an exorbitant price

Of course, the most striking thing about these two models, which is not that they are premium, is that their price is only available to true music lovers. Sony’s two new Walkmans are the NW-WM1ZM2 y NW-WM1AM2with a price of $3,700 and $1,400, a real madness for a device of this type. The first of them has an S-Master HX digital amplifier with optimized capacitors and a cable to connect the amplifier to the device’s headphone jack.

The chassis of this high-end Walkman is gold plated at 99.99% and does not contain oxygen. This contributes to the sound of this device having a clear and expansive output, come on, to be heard with extraordinary clarity and sharpness. Gold also helps improve sound localization and widens the sound field. Once again we are talking about a Walkman based on Android as the operating system, so it has a large touch screen to control the entire system. And best of all, it allows us to play from any source, whether local, or through streaming services, also in HD. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, a USB type C connector, as well as a battery with an interesting autonomy, of up to 40 hours playing files FLAC lossless audio at 96kHz.

Is there a cheaper model?

As we said, the NW-WM1AM2 has almost half the price of the other model, but it’s still too high for most of us. This offers much of the functionality of the more expensive model, but with a more affordable build. Like for example a aluminum alloy body instead of being gold plated. While the cables are more mundane, and the internal storage is 128GB, compared to 256GB in the most advanced model. Therefore, they are two very similar devices, but they basically differ in the qualities of their finishes, which in some aspects can directly influence the sound quality itself.

These are devices aimed at listen hd music high resolution. This means that not only will it be enough to have a quality player like this, but also some headphones to match. Although studio headphones for just 25 euros already give very good results with the most affordable Walkmans, logically if you spend 3,000 euros on this model, you can afford much better headphones.

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