Sony opens registration for PS5 direct purchase option (USA)

Anyone who registers their PSN ID on should have the chance of a PS5 console

Sony has started a registration process in the USA through which a direct purchase option for the PlayStation 5 and accessories can be “raffled”. One of the last chances of getting a PS5 this Christmas?

Sony Interactive Entertainment has activated a “Register-to-Buy” option for its users on the US website This means that anyone who has not yet been able to secure a PlayStation 5 has a chance to get one of the coveted PS5 consoles delivered before Christmas. Sony writes on that the company is expecting a limited number of PS5 consoles that they now want to sell directly on the company’s website. However, the process is reserved for owners of a PSN ID (PlayStation Network ID) to prevent scalpers and bots.

Lottery pot for PS5 consoles and accessories

Free play is possible on the PS5.
The PS5 will probably be one of the most coveted electronics gifts in 2021

The registration could also be seen as a “lot”. With the submission of your information you get into the lottery pot and if you are selected, you get the opportunity to order a PS5 and accessories for a certain period of time. However, if you just set up a PSN ID to get to one of the consoles, you will have next to no chance. According to the FAQ, Sony will select the “winners” based on “Previous interests and PlayStation activities” the end.

PS5 consoles for real PlayStation fans

Sony communicates the prices of the accessories for the PS5
Most of the accessories can also be ordered via the website, e.g. the Dualsense PS5 controller, the remote control or the PULSE 3D headset

For example, Sony Interactive Entertainment could sort out those whose PSN ID has already logged on to a PlayStation 5 or keeps logging in again and again. This user apparently already has a PS5. It will certainly also be checked when the ID was created, whether it is used regularly and which games and digital purchases were made with it. This is speculation now, but it would be a good way to identify those gamers who will benefit most from the PS5 and not just seek resale. By the way, each user can buy as many or as few products as he wants, provided that he does not exceed the following requirements:

  • 1 PS5 console or 1 PS5 Digital Edition
  • 2 DualSense Wireless Controllers (in a bundle, Cosmic Red or Midnight Black)
  • 3 DualSense Wireless Controllers (white)
  • 1 PS5 Media remote control
  • 1 PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

Registration will start in November 2021. If you were lucky, you will be informed via email about the date and the period on which the user can buy his PS5 + accessories. However, Sony has not communicated exactly when the PSN IDs will be drawn from the “lottery”. It has not yet been determined whether and to what extent this campaign will also be switched on via the German PlayStation website. However, we would very much welcome such a distribution, as it significantly increases the chances of getting a PS5 console to really interested buyers by Christmas.

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