Sony Patent Reveals Potential New Features for the PS5

Although it has been a long time since the PlayStation 5 received some firmware update, Sony continues to work hard behind the scenes. It seems that the Japanese company is already looking for what other functions to add to the PS5, and a recent patent could give us a good idea of ​​what we can expect in the future.

This new patent suggests that users will be able to leave messages in games for other players to read, very similar to what the saga of Dark Souls. To exemplify this concept, Sony used the following image:


As you could see in the image, there are several texts within the game that users have left to be seen by someone else. In this case, we used Killzone as an example, but obviously, it is possible that the function is integrated within all first-party of Sony.

Considering the strong focus that Japanese technology has on interaction within the community of PlayStation, the idea of ​​allowing players to post messages to others does not sound like such a far-fetched thing.


Via: Scrub Wiki

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