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Sony on PlayStation.Blog, February 22, 2022 local timePlayStation VR2 headsetWhenPlayStation VR2 Sense controllerThe design of was released for the first time.

Expected to be lighter in weight

PlayStation VR2 headsetWhenPlayStation VR2 Sense controllerThe body color of is a combination of black and white, which makes you feel the commonality with the color scheme of PlayStation 5.

PlayStation VR2_1

Regarding this product, Notebookcheck reports that it is equipped with a lens adjustment dial and is lighter in weight. The PlayStation VR2 headset has a new ventilation hole.

Also, the display seems to be equipped with a 4K HDR display with refresh rates of 90Hz and 120Hz.

Connect the PlayStation VR2 headset to the PlayStation 5 with a USB-C cable.

PlayStation VR2_3

The expected selling price is 38,478 yen including tax?

About the selling price of the PlayStation VR2 headset Notebookcheck expects it to be around $ 349. This estimated price is about the same as the current model PlayStation VR headset ($ 349.99).

At the Sony store, the PlayStation VR headset is sold for 38,478 yen including tax.

Rumors about Apple headsets

Apple VR AH

AppleDeveloping Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) headsetsIt is rumored that it is being considered to offer it with a price system like Microsoft HoloLens 2, and the expected selling price is expected to exceed 300,000 yen.

Source:PlayStation.Blog via Notebookcheck, PS Direct (US)
Photo:Apple Hub/Facebook

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