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Airpeak S1

The Sony Group will release the “Airpeak S1” in September 2021 as the first Airpeak that has been under development. The price is open, but the estimated market price is 1 million yen excluding tax.

The Airpeak S1 is a drone equipped with a proprietary motor and propeller that can detect obstacles by sensing, automatically fly, and manage the aircraft and flight information in the cloud. A full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera α can also be installed, and it is expected to be used mainly for video production.

The 17-inch lightweight propeller mounted on this machine was originally developed. Also equipped with ESC (Electric Speed ​​Controller) that controls propellers and brushless motors. It is said that the propulsion device and all sensor information are integrated to realize stable flight and high maneuvering responsiveness.

One of the features is stable flight by sensing, and cameras with built-in image sensors made by Sony are placed in 5 directions (front, back, left, right, bottom). It is also equipped with a Sony vision sensing processor that processes camera information at the same time and an original algorithm.

By integrating these visibility information with sensor information such as IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), compass, pressure pressure, and infrared distance measurement, the self-position / attitude is estimated with high accuracy and the surrounding space is recognized in real time. It is said that it can fly stably even under conditions where it is difficult to receive GNSS, such as indoors and under bridges.

It is also a point that you can choose the camera according to the application. Specifically, in addition to the α7S series and FX3, which enable low-noise shooting, the α7R series, which enables high-definition shooting, and the α9 series, which can shoot images with little distortion, can be installed.

An iOS / iPad OS compatible app “Airpeak Flight” that allows you to centrally operate the aircraft and each device while checking the α image in real time is also available, allowing users to check the flight distance and remaining battery power.

Airpeak S1

▲ iOS / iPad OS compatible app “Airpeak Flight”

In addition to the web application “Airpeak Base” that allows you to manage equipment, create flight plans, and manage flight logs, you can set the latitude, longitude, and altitude of the aircraft, and specify the orientation of the gimbal and the timing of video and still image shooting. It is also possible.

In addition, a cloud service “Airpeak Plus” that can use the functions of Airpeak Base and a warranty service “Airpeak Protect Plan” are also available, and details will be published on the Airpeak website before the product starts selling.

Airpeak Base

▲ With Airpeak Base, you can automatically fly the aircraft many times as if you installed a rail in the air, and set the position (latitude, longitude, altitude) and speed of the aircraft along the timeline. , You can specify the orientation of the gimbal and the timing of video / still image shooting.Reproduction flight is an automatic flight function that automatically reproduces the flight route, gimbal, and camera movement based on the flight log that flew in the past.

By the way, Airpeak, which is under development, is the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology trade fair held from January 11 to 14, 2021.「CES 2021」After that, Sony’s prototype EV「VISION-S」Was used to shoot a pattern of driving on a public road. Airpeak and VISION-S were comprehensively introduced by Sony at CES 2021 as an initiative in the AI ​​robotics business.

The Sony Group intends to promote co-creation activities not only with creators but also with professional supporters such as system integrators and industrial partners.

  • External dimensions: Approximately 526.8 mm (height) x 591.9 mm (width) x 511.8 mm (depth)

  • Diagonal dimension: Approximately 644.6 mm (excluding motor diagonal and propeller)

  • Aircraft mass …… Approximately 3.1 kg (excluding battery pack)

  • The largest possible stowage mass……about 2.5kg

  • Maximum off-land mass……about 7.0kg

  • Maximum speed …… 25m / s (90km / h) (without payload, when obstacle brake is disabled)

  • Maximum climb speed …… 7m / s (without payload, when obstacle brake is disabled)

  • Maximum descent speed …… 4m / s (without payload, when obstacle brake is disabled)

  • Acceleration time …… Approximately 3.5 seconds (time from stop to 80km / h, without payload)

  • Maximum flight time …… Approximately 22 minutes (without payload) / Approximately 12 minutes (with a7SIII + SEL24F14GM installed)

  • Maximum wireless transmission distance …… 2km (when there is no obstacle or radio wave interference and the visibility is good)

  • Vision sensor

  • FPV camera image sensor …… 1/4 inch 8.17 million pixel CMOS sensor 30fps

  • Gimbal axis …… 2-axis gimbal (tilt, roll)

  • Mountable gimbal …… GBL-T3 (Gremsy gimbal)

  • Cameras that can be mounted …… ILCE-1 / ILME-FX3 / ILCE-7C / ILCE-9M2 / ILCE-7SM3 / ILCE-7RM4 / ILCE-7RM3 / ILCE-7M3 / ILCE-9

  • Mountable lenses: SEL14F18GM / SEL20F18G / SEL24F14GM / SEL24F28G / SEL28F20 / SEL35F28Z / SEL35F18F / SEL40F25G / SEL50F25G / SEL50F18F / SEL50M28 / SEL55F18Z / SEL85F18

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