Sony would prepare the response to Xbox Game Pass

Sony successfully launched its PlayStation 5 on November 19. Strong demand requires, especially in full containment, the machine is not available anywhere following massive pre-orders, despite the efforts of some relentless players. Clever people obviously took the opportunity to offer the console at a gold price on various resale sites. On the side of Microsoft, same observation. The US manufacturer released the Xbox Series X / Series S on November 10, and has met with huge success. Not to mention that players were able to enjoy, from day one, lots of games on Xbox Game Pass (including subscribers represent a large proportion of Xbox console owners).

A service with a quality / price ratio undeniable which has no equivalent at Sony… for the moment?

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As reported PCmag, a similar service would be planned for the PlayStation 5, according to Jim Ryan, head of Sony.

Sony would prepare the response to Xbox Game Pass

What if Sony started offering an unlimited game catalog, with an affordable monthly subscription, for its PlayStation 5? This was widely implied by Sony executive Jim Ryan in an interview. The Japanese manufacturer does not have the financial weight of its competitor Microsoft, the promise of an equivalent to the Xbox Game Pass for the PlayStation 5 is surprising – but turns out necessary.

As the interviewer asks Jim Ryan how Sony is doing ” respond to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass “, The man replies that” to be honest, there will be things to come from this side. But not right now. We offer PlayStation Now, our subscription service already available in much of the world ».

Jim Ryan clearly announces that the counterattack is ready, but not for now. We imagine that the primary objective is first to democratize the PlayStation 5 – and according to Sony, it will take at least three years.

On Microsoft’s side, Xbox Game Pass remains the best argument for the Xbox Series X / Series S. With its large catalog and cloud gaming in the Ultimate formula, many players are already subscribed. Not to mention that Bethesda games will gradually arrive on Xbox Game Pass, dont un certain The Elder Scrolls 6…


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