Sony’s controversial pro controller finally drops its price

2023-05-24 16:34:12

The DualSense Edge is Sony’s top-of-the-line controller. Its elitist price is not aimed at the general public, but for those who are interested today, it undergoes a first price drop and thus goes from 239 euros to 209 euros.

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Like its rival Xbox, Sony is designing its very first high-end controller: the DualSense Edge. Who says “top of the range”, says higher price, and on this side, the Japanese firm has not been dead hand. With a score of 6/10 in our test, this controller does not seem to be unanimous. On the other hand, for the few people looking for performance and “jealous” of Xbox players with the Elite controller, they may well go for the DualSense Edge. If the price is not an obstacle, know that at the moment, it is negotiated with 30 euros less.

The strengths of Sony’s DualSense Edge

  • Repairable sticks
  • The accessories provided
  • Adaptive triggers, vibrations, gyroscope…

Initially at 239.99 euros, Sony’s DualSense Edge controller benefits from more than 10% reduction and is displayed at 209.99 euros on Amazon and the Cdiscount website.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, please take a look below to find other promotions for the Sony PlayStation DualSense Edge. The table updates automatically.

Where to buy The

Sony PlayStation DualSense Edge at the best price?

A heavier, less durable controller

The Dualsense Edge offers a format very close to the classic PS5 controller, with a few changes all the same. On the front, the touchpad is now black, there is also a change in texture at the palms and triggers to improve grip, and of course the additional buttons under and in front of the pad. Otherwise, we still have the two symmetrical analog sticks, the front buttons following the PlayStation icons and the USB-C port on the back for charging. Still on the aesthetic aspect, we deplored during our test, the “shiny black” plastic finishes and a part of the hull which very quickly takes fingerprints and slips. It’s both unsightly and rather disappointing for a premium controller.

As for the grip, if the change in texture at the level of the L2/R2 triggers or at the level of the palms offers additional comfort on a daily basis, the Edge is significantly heavier than the classic version (335 g against 280). Which can become painful over long gaming sessions. About the autonomy, do not expect dozens of hours of autonomy as on the classic Dualsense, here, it will be necessary to count on 5 h 30 of autonomy in all, or even less if you exploit the functions of the remote.

But more customizable with the strengths of the classic Dualsense

The real strength of the Dualsense Edge is in the options to customize the experience. The Japanese firm copies its competitor and offers a storage box containing all the accessories. You will be able to change the caps of the sticks between what Sony offers on PS4 and PS5, or very rounded caps like those of the PS3. To do this, simply pull the cap to unclip it from its base. Among the other accessories, there is a box for locking the charging cable on the controller. Convenient if you are a fan of the best possible performance, and want to play with the least latency, i.e. wired. Finally, you have the choice between two sets of additional buttons to place under the controller.

To finish on the compatibility, the high-end controller goes perfectly with the PS5 where we find all the functions of the DualSense: microphone, gyroscope, speaker, advanced vibrations and force feedback triggers. It is still recognized by Windows 11 via a Bluetooth connection or with the USB cable. Please note, however, that we encountered compatibility issues with some games during our test.

To find out even more, do not hesitate to read our test on the Sony DualSense Edge.

6 /10


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