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The picture shows the SONY PS5 host. (Photo/Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

Sony is about to revamp the PS5 game console?According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of JapanCertification documentsa mysterious new model is suspected to appear, suggesting that related models will be launched soon.

In Japanese official documents, the wireless signal certification of the model “CFI-1200” series appeared in April this year. As a reference, the PS5 console currently sold by Sony is CFI-1100. This new model is regarded as a revised model. The exact changes are still unknown.

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In fact, this is not the first time that Sony has changed the PS5. As early as the summer of 2021, the version model was advanced from “CFI-1000” to “CFI-1100”, which reduced the weight by 300g, and changed the screws and base to strengthen the PS5 when standing. Stability, this revision may also be a slight revision in design.

At present, the PS5 is still subject to supply chain and chip problems, which makes it difficult for players to enjoy the original price. Sony had optimistic expectations in previous financial reports that the PS5 supply problem is expected to gradually improve in the second half of this year.

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