Sony’s Xbox Game Pass counter-subscribing announced next week at the earliest? Possibility to play PS2 and PSP titles –Engadget Japanese version


Rumor has it that Sony is preparing to announce a subscription service to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass “at the earliest next week.”

According to Bloomberg reports, the service is codenamed “Spartacus” internally.The magazine has been reporting rumors about this Spartan Cass since the end of last year, at the time.It was called “Spring 2022”

According to a previous article, the new service is an integration of the current PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, with a single three-tier structure (three pricing plans, high-priced plans include all low-priced plans). It was claimed to be a package.

These three plans areU.S. GameBeat also reportedam. The contents are reprinted below.

  • PS + Essential: $ 10 per month. It’s almost the same as PS Plus, and free play games are offered.

  • PS + Extra: Get monthly free play and a “game catalog” for $ 13 a month. This “Game Catalog” is a downloadable version of hundreds of past games.

  • PS + Premium: $ 16 / month with PS Now streaming in addition to all of the above. It also includes a library of “classic games” and a “free trial” (same content as the product version but with a time limit) that allows you to download and play the commercial version of the new PS game.

Bloomberg also reported that it is expected to be able to play PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games for the “classic game” of the highest plan (Premium).

In this latest article, there is no additional information beyond “ready to announce a new game-related subscription,” and Sony spokespersons haven’t responded.There is also a statement that “the service is expected to start with all the popular titles in recent years,” but Jim Ryan, the head of the PlayStation division, said that it is unsustainable to include new games in the flat-rate service.Was sayingYou may.

The highest plan price of $ 16 per month isXbox Game Pass Ultimate(1100円)It’s more expensive, but I’d like to wait for the official announcement.



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