soon a European NASA?

Josef Aschbacher, who will take over as CEO of the European Space Agency (ESA) in the spring, wants to make it a modern, agile agency and a full partner of the EU.

Is space Europe ready to make its big bang? Pressured for years by SpaceX and New Space, Europeans now admit that the risk of downgrading is real. As summarized at the beginning of the week, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, in charge of space, “we have to do space differently», Break taboos, change methods and unite the 22 member countries of the European Space Agency (ESA) around competitive projects stemming from the common space policy. Clearly, stop dispersing, go beyond national interests for the benefit of the best interests of the European Union and of its citizens and businesses.

This posture implies a redefinition of the roles of each of the actors. To the European Union the definition of the strategy and space policy, to the European Space Agency (ESA) its implementation, to the industrialists an alignment to meet the needs of the EU. Which implies a transformation of Esa

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