Sophie Pétronin returns to Mali: “Let her stay there!”, Gets angry Jean-Yves Le Drian

It is a position which at least has the merit of being clear. Interviewed this Sunday morning, in the Grand Jury of RTL, on the return to Mali of Sophie Pétronin, where she was kidnapped and held hostage for nearly four years by a jihadist group, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, responded tit for tat: “Qu ‘she stays there! “.

Recalling that it had taken “for several months, even several years, to mobilize the secret services, including the military, to try to get this woman out of her hostage situation and to bring her back”, the minister expressed his incomprehension in the face of his choice to “go back to Mali saying I am well there ».

Six months in Switzerland before leaving

Jean-Yves Le Drian, questioned on an intervention by France in the event of a hypothetical new hostage-taking of Sophie Pétronin, evaded the question and contented himself with answering: “She says she is good, so I imagine it is good ”.

Aged 76, the former humanitarian was released after nearly four years of imprisonment in October 2020. As soon as she returned, Sophie Pétronin had announced her intention to return to Mali, where her adopted daughter is and where she is. she had been living since 2001. Which she did after spending six months with her family in Switzerland.

But this decision did not really please the government. At the beginning of November, Gabriel Attal had notably denounced a “form of irresponsibility”, while the ex-hostage considers that she is in Mali “at home”.

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