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Reporter Wu Ruici/Comprehensive Report

Former Japanese AV actress Sora Aoi has a place in the AV industry. She married DJ NON in 2018 and gave birth to twin sons the following year. Unexpectedly, news of the diagnosis of Sora Aoi’s family came on the 29th. She revealed that she first received a notice from the twin children’s kindergarten, saying that they were shunted as close contacts of the confirmed cases and had to stay at home and isolate for 10 days. She did not expect to have a cough during this period. With the symptoms of fever, the diagnosis was confirmed after PCR test.

▲ All Sora Aoi’s family has been diagnosed. (Picture / Taken from Sora Aoi IG)

On the 29th, Sora Aoi confirmed in the log that the whole family was diagnosed. After receiving the notice from the twin children’s kindergarten on the 22nd, the family obediently stayed at home. Unexpectedly, the day after entering the isolation, she developed a sore throat on the 23rd. She started coughing on the 24th. On the 26th, the whole family coughed so badly that she even developed a fever and a cold. Under the arrangement, an emergency PCR test was carried out. Due to the recent surge in cases in Japan, she did not receive it until 3 days later (29th). When it came to the report, he admitted that the whole family was diagnosed.

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▲▼The Aoi twins are staying at home for isolation and treatment.  (Picture / Retrieved from Sora Aoi's log)

▲ The twins of Sora Aoi stayed at home for isolation and treatment. (Picture / Retrieved from Sora Aoi’s log)

Fortunately, her husband NON is currently asymptomatic. Sora Aoi thanked the medical staff for their hard work through the article. When she recorded her symptoms on the 27th, she only had a fever of 37.5 degrees at night, and the temperature dropped to 36.5 degrees the next morning. “Maybe it’s not the new crown. Pneumonia, but a cold (laughs)”, it was revealed that after the onset of the disease, symptoms similar to a cold would appear.

▲▼ Sora Aoi and the twins were both diagnosed with

▲ Sora Aoi exposed and isolated daily, the twins are still full of vitality. (Picture / Retrieved from Sora Aoi’s log)

Sora Aoi, who is currently raising children at home, also posted a photo. The two sons are still full of energy. The living room is full of children’s toys. She laughed helplessly and shouted, “I have been taking things out all morning, and my spirit is still so good. I have a day. I don’t know how many times I have to collect things.” It seems that the health of the two sons is recovering well.

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