Sori Shop, SIVGA closed-type wood headphone Oriole launched

Sori Shop (CEO Choi Gwan-sik), which specializes in importing premium earphones/headphones and audio, launched Oriole, a sealed wood headphone from SIVGA, a difference audio brand.

Oriole is a sealed wood headphone with an attractive harmony between wood and metal, and is equipped with a 50mm dynamic driver developed by the company itself. Oriol’s driver diaphragm is made of polycarbonate (PC) and polyether ether keron (PEEK) materials, and reproduces balanced, high-resolution sound.

Made in two colors, brown and black, the Oriole retains the charm of the solid wood housing that is a characteristic of Sievega headphones. After carving high-density wood through precision 5-axis CNC machining, manual work such as polishing, polishing, coloring, and natural drying was repeated several times to create a product with a high degree of completion. In addition, the design and durability of the product have been further upgraded by using metal parts manufactured through precision processing.

Oriol’s headband made of high-quality artificial leather is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit without pressure, and the length can be freely adjusted to fit the shape of the head through the flexible headband control part. The ear pads are made of soft memory foam and high-quality artificial leather that are less irritating to the skin, and the 180-degree rotating earcup structure ensures higher adhesion and comfort when worn. In addition, since the headphone and cable can be separated, it is possible to upgrade to a cable that suits the user’s taste.

To commemorate the launch, Sori Shop will hold a 20% discount event for customers who purchase from December 8th (Thu) to December 18th (Sun). Product-related inquiries are made through Sori Shop, the official source of income, and purchases and listening are available at Scheherazade, a premium listening shop located in Cheongdam, Seoul.

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