“Sorry, there are no forces anymore”: Pankratov-Cherny made a heartbreaking confession

2023-05-26 20:15:56

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Alexander Pankratov-Cherny

Alexander Pankratov-Cherny can’t sit still in Moscow, in a cozy apartment in the elite district of Leninsky Prospekt. He travels around the country with creative evenings.

On one of those evenings. while in the south of Russia, Pankratov-Cherny spoke about his addiction, which as a result helped him get the most iconic roles.

– In VGIK, where I studied at the directing department, they called me a “drunkard”. My master, the outstanding director Efim Dzigan, treated me well and literally walked with me around Mosfilm by the hand to find me a job. But others were skeptical of me. Like, “drunkard”! And I was nicknamed the “drunkard” only because at night I worked at the Riga railway station, where I poured wine into barrels. I had to live on something. I managed to bring barrels of wine to VGIK. They drank wine by the whole institute. They say that I drunk half of VGIK, – said Pankratov-Cherny.

During his studies at VGIK and after, he became a regular at the restaurant in the House of Cinema. There Pankratov-Cherny drank both with his peers and with the masters. He liked to take a walk with Yevgeny Morgunov very much. “Experienced” was a lover of fun, and at someone else’s expense. In company with Pankratov, they managed to drink good cognac, which was paid for by other visitors to the restaurant.

Once it was there that the most important conversation in Pankratov’s life with the young director Karen Shakhnazarov took place, after which Pankratov turned from a “drunkard” into a number one screen star.

– Karen, with whom we studied at parallel courses, asked me to play along with Boris Brondukov for tests in his film “We are from Jazz”. I agreed. By my first education I am an artist and for four years I played in the Perm Drama Theater. In fact, Karen originally tried me for the role of Stepan in such a fraudulent way. And approved. But when I found out, I honestly said that I have no hearing, that I am absolutely deaf, I can’t hear the rhythm, I can’t dance, I didn’t hold musical instruments in my hands. Karen said, “It’s okay. You will have good teachers.” I had teachers. But in that picture, I had my first heart attack. And I was not yet 30 years old. After that, I had several heart attacks, – the artist admitted.

Alexander Pankratov-Cherny

By the way, he looked tired on stage. After an hour of speeches, he sat down on a chair and began to read.

“Sorry, I don’t have the strength to stand anymore,” the actor admitted to the audience in the hall.

He coughed heavily. Read sad poetry. Nevertheless, Pankratov-Cherny boasted of his demand in the cinema:

– I shoot endlessly. The veterans really like the series “According to the Laws of War”, and they ask for a continuation. We’ve filmed eight new episodes, and we’ll be filming a new season in the fall.

Rumor has it that Alexander Pankratov-Cherny drank heavily for a long time. His wife Julia helped him overcome all his trials. She accompanies her husband on trips.

Photo source: Boris Kudryavov

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