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According to the representative of the filmmakers Pēteris Rezņikovs, next to the war drama “Blow of Souls” the second highest award was won by the US animation studio “Pixar” together with the trio of composers Trento Reznor, Atikus Rosa and John Batisti for music for the animated film “Soul”.

Reznikov noted that Variety called the award ceremony the evening of the Soul Blow and the animated film Soul, as both films received the highest possible rating from members of the association and representatives of a special award committee.

Ritmanis pointed out that it is truly every composer’s dream – to create music for such an ambitious and deep film as “Blizzard of Souls”. She said that she would be forever grateful to the film’s director Dzintars Dreibergs and the whole team that the composer was given the opportunity to compose music for the war drama.

Photo: Together with Lolita Ritmanis begins work on the original music recording of the film “Soul Puten”.

In the American Composers’ and Authors Association Award, composers competed in five categories for their performance. Ritmanis competed in the category “Outstanding Original Music for Independent Film”. It qualifies for movies with a budget of less than $ 15 million.

Conductor Māris Sirmais and SAS “Latvija” artists led by choir manager Māris Ošleys took part in the music recording of the historical war drama “Dvēseļu putenis”. A special orchestra was formed for the film, in which the orchestra producer and winner of the Latvian “Grand Music Prize” Edgars Saksons brought together musicians from the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, the Sinfonietta Riga Chamber Orchestra and the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music.

The music was recorded in the 1st studio of Latvian Radio by Māra Briežkalns and sound director Vara Kurmiņa virsvadībā. The author of the film’s musical instrumentation is Larry Rench from the USA, the additional instrumentation was performed by Steven Rade, and the mixing of the music was performed by the American producer and sound director Mark Matson. The sound director of the film is Alexander Vaicahovsky.


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