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“Death’s Door”, which has received a lot of praise since its launch on PC, will soon be on the console! The world-renowned independent game publisher Devolver Digital and the development team Acid Nerve announced that it will launch “Death’s Gate” on PlayStation5 and Nintendo Switch platforms on November 23. From now on, PlayStation players can pre-order in the PS store. The price is NT$590, and the pre-order also comes with the well-reviewed Acid Nerve debut classic “Titan Souls”.

Official video of the game

In the world of “Death’s Gate”, the crows will be responsible for collecting the souls of the dead. Although the days of clocking in and commuting to collect the souls of the dead are monotonous, it is a pragmatic job for the crows. If your assigned soul is stolen, this job will become alive. You have to enter a territory that is not governed by death to hunt down dangerous thieves-where creatures grow beyond age, full of greed and greed. strength.

Players will set out from the “hall of doors” to perform missions to explore a continent, which is full of twisted and weird residents and various unknown secrets. Along the way, you will bring hope to the weird and wonderful characters you meet. Properly use melee weapons, bows and magic to defeat a series of bizarre beasts and demigods, and track the stories behind these characters and their original intentions of action.

Players who want to be the soul-receiver to fight against all kinds of enemies in the vast land, can track down Game official website, Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) and the development team Acid Nerve (@acidnerve) twitter to get the latest game information. “Death’s Gate” has been pre-ordered in the PS store, priced at NT$590, and “Titan Soul” will be given as a gift. Players who like action adventure can lock in a good opportunity to combine the game at once.


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