Soulstice reveals itself in new video and developer interview

Announced at E3 2021 last June, Soulstice introduced himself in a new video. The latter lingers on the link between Briar and Lute, the two heroines of this title which mixes hack & slash and role-playing elements.

Sisters in the world before, the two young girls are reincarnated as Chimera, hybrid warriors born from the union of two souls. Their objective, to protect humanity threatened by the “Wraiths”, filthy creatures who corrupt the living and transform them into monsters. Your adventure will take you deep into the Holy Kingdom of Keidas, a dark world full of mysteries.

To triumph in particularly dynamic battles, you will have to manage both characters simultaneously. Combine Lute’s supernatural abilities and Briar’s melee attacks to overcome your enemies. You will be able to customize your weapons and improve your faculties in order to refine your strategy.

Gameplay Snippet and Developer Interview at IGN

IGN media had the chance to talk to Fabio Pagetti, game director and Samuel Perseo, producer. The two men specify that they have studied the major works of the genre, and wished to bring a unique touch to Soulstice. This is how the team made the choice to base the gameplay on two characters controlled at the same time.

In fact, you will be in command of Briar, and Lute will be managed by artificial intelligence. You will still have your importance in the actions it takes. Weapons side, many secondary weapons will be unlockable and will allow you to customize your approach to combat. In addition, each of them will be associated with unique abilities for each of the sisters.

Important clarification made by the team, although its artistic direction may recall the series of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, the gameplay will be radically different. It is indeed a hack & slash. The clashes will therefore be less demanding than the aforementioned works. To note that the title name derives directly from an event from the lore of the game, and was not chosen in reference to the titles of From Software.

However, the overall tone and overall atmosphere of Soulstice are well inspired by the games of the Japanese studio. Also, the developers evoke Berserk, the iconic work of Kentarō Miura, and Claymore, written by Norihiro Yagi, as the main sources of inspiration for the creation of the characters.

Finally, as a reminder, the title will be released on Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam in 2022.

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