Sound correspondence of waterfront transport trips

Published on : 17/01/2021 – 07:41

From ears to mouth, the sounds of the world can be heard, told and shared on the site and on the airwaves.

Sent from all five continents, mapped on The sound card, the sound contributions of artists, sound engineers, journalists, researchers, students, citizens of the world, become sound correspondences and circulate from country to country, from culture to culture, from imagination to imagination …

This episode was made with these sound contributions:

Fish Sandwich Vendors by the Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey, by Judith Mayer

The fish market of the Old Port in Marseille in France, by Clémentine Lathelier

From the collection of sounds to the creation of sound works and their distribution, Listen to the world relies on an international network for ” put our worlds in touch ».


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