“Sound Dream Legend Finals” ratings point 23.9 wireless quick report Jie Yan Mingxi Yao Zhuofei Zhong Roumei Wen Kaiting was accused of forming the Hong Kong version of the female group Blackpink-20210721-SHOWBIZ

[Ming Pao News]Recently, three radio stations were announced every Monday. With the “Sound Dream Legend Final” held the night before, the radio announced yesterday that the show’s live broadcast ratings recorded 23.9 points (approximately 1.57 million viewers), up to 24.9 At a point (approximately 1.63 million spectators), over one million spectators witnessed Yan Mingxi winning 3 awards in a hot posture and becoming the overall champion of the game. Yan Mingxi and other students have great potential. It is said that the two major record companies of Warner and Universal are interested in forming Yan Mingxi, Yao Zhuofei, Zhong Roumei and Wen Kaiting into the Hong Kong version of the girl group Blackpink. Le Yiling, a senior wireless executive, said that she has not talked with any record company at present, and will later plan with the trainees and their families one by one after understanding their development intentions.

Entertainment Group

16-year-old Yan Mingxi (Gigi) won the professional selection award, the audience’s hot selection award and the “Legend Rising Star” award of the overall championship, becoming the winner of three materials. Although Yao Zhuofei (Chantel) and Zhong Roumei (Yumi) were defeated, there are reports that Gigi, Chantel, Yumi and Wen Kaiting (Aeren) have been selected by the two major record companies, Warner and Universal, and they intend to form the Hong Kong version of the girl group Blackpink. It is pointed out that wireless considers commercial factors and intends to cooperate with Warner or Universal of 4 female students.

Le Yiling: First understand the development intentions before planning

Ming Pao asked Le Yiling, Assistant General Manager of Wireless (Artist Management and Development), to confirm this matter. She said that “Legend of Sound Dream” was fully supported by many record companies, singers and mentors. I am happy that everyone likes this group of children, but before they Focus on the competition, and later meet their family members one by one to understand their future development intentions. Some students may want to make dramas and sing songs. Some students also have to take into account their studies, and the company will plan the best development for them. The competition has just ended. Wireless has not talked with other record companies. I have been happily cooperating with various record companies in the past six months. I hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation and it takes time to sit down and talk.

Fan “First Prize” in Chantel

The ratings of “Sound Dream Legend Finals” were well received. Each of the top five students had their supporters. Nearly 300 fans were waiting outside the TV city under Typhoon Signal No. 3 the night before, and they were arranged to watch in Factory 2 wirelessly. After the competition, the top five students met with the fans and divided them into group photos, with Yan Mingxi and Chantel having the most fans. When Chantel signed for a fan, he was “raided” by a male fan. According to the live broadcast clip on the Facebook page of TVB Entertainment News Channel, Chantel was taking a photo with the third group of fans. After the completion, the fans handed her a card to sign. In the meantime, a tall man wearing glasses suddenly stretched the card to Chantel, the staff Pushing him away, the male fan put a card in front of Chantel from the back, and bumped her head. Chantel, who won the first prize, was panicked. The staff quickly pushed away the man’s arm and asked him to calm down. The man didn’t. Regarding the matter, the staff immediately took Chantel away in order to prevent the situation from getting out of control.

Judge Wu Zhongheng praised Archie for singing best

On the other hand, Wu Zhongheng served as a professional judge the night before. After the show, he left a message on the social platform: “I personally think that Archie (Xi Jingfeng) sang the best tonight.” Many netizens agreed with hundreds of comments. Supporting Archie, criticizing the unfair scoring system, Archie received the highest score in the professional review, but after the audience voted, it failed to qualify for the final two-final matchup. In a telephone interview with Ming Pao yesterday, Wu Zhongheng said: “Archie has performed the best in the finals since many games. He also plays the piano. I really look at it differently.” Did it mean that the audience voted too much? Wu Zhongheng said that seeing netizens have opinions, he respects the scoring standards of the conference, and he can only do his part to judge. The goal of this competition is to make stars, so the audience is very important. For Gigi, he felt that it was not Gigi’s best performance, but it was up to the standard. He said that the ranking of the students of “Sheng Meng” is not the most important, it depends on the subsequent efforts. Will you cooperate with the students of “Sound Dream”? He praised a class of students for their sound and artistic skills, Yumi danced well, and Chantel was very popular with the audience. In terms of music, he wants to collaborate with Gigi and Archie, and feels that Archie is becoming more and more star-like.

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