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Dhe sound to the television picture is the Berlin audio specialist Teufel a matter of the heart: More than two dozen relevant models can order there already – from the flat sound deck to the opulent complete set including subwoofer and surround players. Does this polyphonic speaker clan even leave a gap for another member? Teufel has obviously made it up and now fills it with a model called Cinebar Lux, which is rather unpretentious on the outside, but advertises with acoustic power play: A subwoofer, says the manufacturer, is dispensable in conjunction with the delicate sound line. That made us sit up and take notice, especially since there are really a lot more corpulent conspecifics who are more likely to cinematic depth: the new Cinebar is only 13 centimeters high and only weighs 4.5 kilograms.

Inside, there are 12 transducers, two tweeters and ten broadband chassis, of which two each radiate to the side and at an angle. Four passive diaphragms support the bass reproduction, nine switching output stages control the entire ensemble. Digital surround and 3D effects are provided by a digital function called Dynamore. It is not only effective when editing multichannel audio tracks in Dolby Digital or DTS. Even stereo programs can spread with their help far in the room. Another special feature of the Soundbar is called Raumfeld. This is what Teufel calls his streaming and multiroom technology: via Ethernet cable or WLAN, all Raumfeld components can connect to the home network and the Internet to play music from hard disk archives and streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal or Deezer, even in high resolutions.

An app manages archives and online sources, a handy remote control made of aluminum sends elementary control commands, and right at the sound bar, seven buttons are available for input to adjust the volume, select the source, start music or the next Title to jump. A Bluetooth connection can also be initiated so that the smartphone can play spontaneously.

Inside, there are 12 transducers, two tweeters and ten broadband chassis, of which two each radiate to the side and at an angle.

Cable connections hide on the bottom of the device: one HDMI socket serves as an input to Bluray or DVD players, another passes the signals to the television and receives its digital audio through the audio return channel (ARC). Via an optical audio input and an analogue jack, additional players can dock. And if it has to be, then an additional subwoofer can be involved. The necessary digital output keeps the soundbar in cinch-shape.

In living rooms of manageable size, however, the Cinebar actually creates its low-pitched stomp on its own – though not with that shuddering force that is part of a real action movie theater. The tuning of the loudspeaker reveals the efforts to lower frequencies even with their rather strong basic tone range. This gives their sound a rather full-bodied timbre, which can be slimmed down with a touch of a button to make dialogues more understandable in the "Voice" setting. When dynamos are in action, feature film scenarios actually take on impressive dimensions, but without placing sound sources too precisely. For a price of just under 800 euros Teufel offers with its latest soundbar a rock-solid, versatile addition to the big screen TV.

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