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South Africa is preparing for a worst-case scenario

In northern Italy, a man tried to get vaccinated against Covid-19 with a silicone dummy on his arm without actually getting the vaccine injected. According to a report by the Corriere della Sera, the dentist told the police that he did not believe in the vaccine, but needed the corona certificate to work.

A nurse noticed the dummy. “When I opened his arm, I felt a rubbery, cold skin and the color was too light,” the woman later explained. When she asked for his other arm, the same dummy was there. The woman then reported the case. “We understood that it was not a surreal situation, but a real fraud.”

The regional president of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, said on Facebook that the case is no laughing matter, because the situation is currently serious. According to him, the man was reported and the health department wanted to report the incident to prosecutors.

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