South America – A suspected terrorist threat against the Jewish community in Argentina

Argentina, where more than 300,000 Jews live, has already been the scene of two deadly attacks against the Jewish community, in 1992 and 1994.

Buenos Aires was the scene, in 1994, of a bomb attack targeting the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (Amia), which left 85 dead and 300 wounded.


Argentina is investigating after receiving an anonymous denunciation at its embassy in the United Kingdom that explosive material had entered the country from Paraguay in order to attack the Jewish community, the Ministry of Security said on Saturday .

According to a statement from the ministry, the denunciation ensured that “a person from the Republic of Paraguay” had brought into Argentine territory “ammonium nitrate, a component used in the manufacture of explosives”.

“Since yesterday (Friday), the General Directorate of International Coordination of the Argentine Federal Police has been carrying out a criminal investigation, in order to identify the individual mentioned in the denunciation, to whom is attributed the intention to introduce this substance to (manufacture ) bomb in Argentina and target a Jewish target, ”the statement said.

Taking the threat very seriously, the ministry announces that it has “planned a series of preventive and investigative measures” by deploying federal forces in order to “strengthen controls, taking into account the potential entry attempt of the person in question ”. Federal justice was also seized and the National Directorate of Migration alerted.

Two attacks, in 1992 and 1994

The president of the Delegation of Argentinian Israelite Associations (Daia), Jorge Knoblovits, indicated that this institution “had already been informed and was aware” of the denunciation received through diplomatic channels. “We are ensuring the safety of the Jewish community,” he told the Jewish News Agency on Saturday.

The leader said that the Ministry of Security headed by Sabina Frederic had proposed to “increase the surveillance of the buildings” of the Jewish community in early November, after the attack in Vienna where a jihadist had shot four people in the street .

In 1992, 29 people were killed and 200 injured in an attack on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Then the capital of Argentina was the scene, in 1994, of a bomb attack targeting the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (Amia), which left 85 dead and 300 wounded. These two attacks go unpunished. Argentina has the largest Jewish community in Latin America, with around 300,000 members.


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