world South Korea corona infections have risen sharply, China's growth...

South Korea corona infections have risen sharply, China’s growth is slowing


In South Korea, the number of coronavirus infections has increased considerably. There are now 346 cases known, where there were 156 yesterday.

Most infections are linked to a church and hospital in Daegu, the fourth largest city in the country. The prime minister said yesterday that the country has entered an emergency phase.


In China, the increase in the number of infections has actually weakened somewhat. On the mainland, 397 patients were added last day, compared to 889 a day earlier.

Almost 78,000 people worldwide are infected with the virus, most of them in the Chinese province of Hubei. A total of 2361 patients died of the virus, according to the combined figures from national governments. Nearly 21,000 people have been declared cured.

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World News :

Many new cases are no longer directly related to travel to and from China. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is a sign that it is becoming increasingly difficult to control the disease.


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