South Korea could ban dog meat for human consumption

SEOUL, Korea, Republic of – The government of South Korea on Thursday reported that a task force could be formed in the country to possibly ban human consumption of dog meat, a practice that is taking place in the country for hundreds of years.

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The number of restaurants serving dog meat in South Korea is declining, in part because of the declining popularity of this food among young people. Recent surveys have shown that more and more people disapprove of the consumption of dog meat.

In a statement, the South Korean government announced that seven of its bodies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, will be part of the task force which will also include civilian experts in order to produce recommendations that could lead to the ban. of canine meat consumption.

Each year, between one million and one and a half million dogs are slaughtered in South Korea for human consumption. These numbers were much higher 10 or 20 years ago.

Opponents report that South Korea is the only developed country that tolerates humans eating dog meat and that this cultural trait damages the country’s international reputation. This meat is not prohibited, but it is not allowed either.

It seems that canine meat is also served in North Korea, China and Vietnam.

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