Sport Southampton, first Premier team to cut player salaries

Southampton, first Premier team to cut player salaries


Southampton has been the first Premier League team to confirm their players’ pay cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic. The footballers, Ralp Hasenhuttl, as well as the team and managers of the team, have joined the players in this initiative.

Southampton thus becomes the first team to reach an agreement with its players, after the Premier League advised a 30% reduction in salary for all teams.

The PFA (Players Association) rejected this proposal, arguing that it would harm tax contributions to the NHS, the UK health service, and asked that the teams reach individual agreements with the players.

In addition, Southampton also announced that it will not abide by the measures of the British Government and will not subject its non-soccer employees to the ERTE, who will continue to collect 100% of their wages during April, May and June.

Players help healthcare
Furthermore, Premier League players have joined together in the “Players Together” initiative to raise funds to help the UK public health system, the NHS, during the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative is led by Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, along with other Premier captains and after several days of talks they have reached an agreement.

More than 150 Premier players released a statement in which they assured that they seek “to help, like so many others in the country, to make a difference.” “It is a critical time for the country and for the NHS and we are going to help in whatever way we can,” the footballers said in the statement.

These contributions will, in the first instance, help support front-line staff, “improving the well-being of NHS workers, volunteers, and patients.” .



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