Southeast Portland gym promotes physical health for kids during pandemic

Children practice a variety of activities outside in the Foster Fitness parking lot.PNG

PORTLAND, Pray. – The vast majority of children in Portland are taking virtual classes, so physical activity for many is taking a back seat.

That is why the Foster Fitness gym started a physical exercise program for children combining various routines to promote health during the pandemic.

Wendy Guasch, personal trainer and nutritionist, gathers a group of about 6 children in the parking lot Foster Fitness, located southeast of the city.

Classes are in the afternoons on Mondays, teaching them in a fun way the habit of practicing physical activity.

“We know that it is very difficult to set a schedule and keep children busy without getting bored at home and paying attention to them is not the same to a teacher as to a parent.”

Parents with children as young as 5 years old participate in a variety of activities, such as jumping rope, running, hula hope, jumping a box, among other activities, to create a healthy environment that lasts an hour.

“With my husband we sit down and organize some kind of activities that involve physical activity, but for them it looks more like a game.”

Guasch and her husband started classes after seeing the need for physical activities in the community.

The classes have the objective of keeping the children active but also the parents can participate.

Wendy said it is also an opportunity for parents to relieve stress by exercising a little indoors while their children have fun doing something healthy outside.

“If the parents want, we tell them to come and exercise while their children are outside or to participate in the class as you saw that there were some participating.”

For parents like Mariya Fuge, it is important to incorporate physical activity into the lives of their two daughters, since distance education has not been possible.

“It’s an incredible opportunity because with online classes there is no physical education class and this fills that gap that we really need to exercise.”

Guasch also has his own nutrition program known as OMG Meal Prep, and consists of meals prepared to achieve a balanced diet.

There is no need to register to participate in the children’s exercise program.

Classes are free and every Monday at 3 in the afternoon.

The gym is located at 5623 SE Center in Portland.

For more information call (503) 775-6399.


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