Soviet children loved the film “about the pioneers”: today it will disappoint many

2023-05-24 12:00:49

The plot will only confuse.

In the second half of the 60s, an adventure film about the pioneers “The Passenger from the Equator” was released. Then the young audience took the film with a bang, but today it is unlikely to impress anyone. And those who grew up on it will experience deep disappointment, not nostalgia.

The plot of the film tells how a boy named Ilmar goes to a pioneer camp with his friends. The guys are waiting for incredible adventures related to an attempt to catch a foreign spy.

Today, the picture will seem naive and even fabulous to many. Today it is simply impossible to believe what is happening on the screen. In addition, the terrible masks on the characters cause amazement.

Here are the reviews left by viewers who reviewed the picture after many years:

“The film does not look very authentic, our boys did not get to the pioneer camps alone on ocean ships”, “A children’s film about Soviet children who “neutralize” another spy. Better to skip”, “Average Soviet cinema”.

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