Space Punks – Distribution: Win 100 Space Punks Action RPG Early Access Invitations

Flying Wild Hog and Jagex recently launched the Early Access action RPG Space Punks. We are partnering with the duo to distribute 100 invitations to join the game servers now.

On July 14, the developer Flying Wild Hog (with the support of Jagex) kicked off Space Punks. We then discovered a” title=”


Acronym of the English expression “Role Playing Game”, meaning “Role playing”. See also: MMORPG, Tactic-RPG

“>RPG cooperative action in the form of hack & slash, taking players on crazy missions to distant planets.
At this point, four playable characters are available, all of them have specific abilities and can develop synergies as they evolve in concert – and become more effective in stunting ever-growing and more powerful cohorts of aliens and robots. And for each completed mission, the players share a selection of rewards allowing them to better prepare the Run

translates to “run” in French. Used to request the escape of the team.

“>run following. We presented the game recently.

Eventually, the retail version of Space Punks will be released as free-to-play, but Early Access launched last week is accessible through Founder’s Packs. We’re teaming up with Flying Wild Hog and Jagex to distribute 100 codes granting immediate access to this first version of the game – with no time or content restrictions.

Distribution: 100 Space Punks Early Access Invitations up for grabs

To get one of the in-game codes, go now to our Games-Contests and Distributions pages or directly to this address: 100 Space Punks early access invitations. Active contributors to JeuxOnLine (who have posted at least one message on our forums recently) are granted priority access to distribution for 48 hours – until Thursday, July 22 at 2 p.m., when the distribution will be open to everyone without restriction. , in the limit of the available stock.
To activate your code, simply go to theEpic Games Store and create an account or connect to an existing account, and associate your code (via this page). Space Punks’ early access will then be unlocked, allowing game installation and access to servers. Notice to explorers!


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