Space: The SAT succeeds in photographing the International Space Station during its passage over Tunisia

The Astronomical Society of Tunisia (SAT), a non-profit scientific association, managed to take a photo of the International Space Station (ISS), during its passage on Friday at dawn over Tunisia.

“It is by using a complicated observation technique targeting the tracking of celestial objects and through applications intended to adapt the speed of the telescope to capture the details of the station that this black and white photo was taken by Dr Sofien Kammoun, president of the SAT, ”Hichem Ben Yahia, vice-president of the Astronomical Society of Tunisia (SAT), told TAP.

The photo posted to the association’s Facebook page shows the International Space Station as a bright point of light, but the solar panels installed on the station to self-power themselves with energy can be seen clearly.

The ISS (International Space Station) moves at a speed of approximately 28,000 km / hour and its passage over sites on earth could be followed through applications that can be downloaded on smartphones and on specialized sites, including the Heavens Above site in particular. .

“The passage of this gigantic station over any country is generally an event to follow for the scientific community, in particular astronomical”, explained Ben Yahia, estimating that taking a photo of this station is not easy.

“It requires interesting fitting work and it’s technically difficult with amateur means. However, the result is encouraging for the association, the amateurs and the scientific and astronomical community in Tunisia, in particular ”, he developed.

For the ISS, which revolves around the Earth at an altitude of around 400 kilometers, the scientific stakes are high, especially since it represents a unique experimentation field for the life and material sciences. and an Earth and universe observation platform.

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