SpaceX: Four astronauts arrived at the ISS

The space transport “Crew Dragon” of the private company SpaceX has reached the International Space Station.

As announced by the US space agency Nasa, the spacecraft docked after more than 27 hours of flight with four astronauts on board at the ISS. The transporter was launched on Sunday evening from the Cape Canaveral spaceport in the US state of Florida for the first time for a regular mission into space.

Meanwhile, a European launcher failed to attempt to launch two satellites into space. A few minutes after take-off from the Kourou Space Center in French Guiana, a deviation from the flight path was detected. The Vega rocket was supposed to launch the first Spanish Earth observation satellite into space for the European Space Agency and Spain.

This message was broadcast on November 18th, 2020 on Deutschlandfunk.

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