Spahn regrets his advertising for Laschet

Jens Spahn

Spahn has apologized for his behavior in the question and answer session at the CDU party conference.

(Photo: dpa)

Düsseldorf Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn regretted his controversial appearance at the digital CDU federal party conference, where he used the question and answer session to make a plea for Armin Laschet. “In retrospect, I see: It was not the right format,” wrote the CDU politician on Twitter on Sunday. “I regret that.” As Laschet’s team partner, he wanted to advertise the NRW prime minister again before the election of the party leader. “That caused and still causes irritation for some.”

At the same time, Spahn called on the CDU to be united: “After our party congress, we now have to stand together behind our chairman Armin Laschet and for the success of the Union.”

Spahn had spoken on Saturday in the question and answer session after the candidates had been introduced, but did not ask any question, instead unilaterally praising candidate Laschet: “Armin Laschet has shown that he can bring the country together, that he can bring the party together. He lives cohesion. “

Spahn later ran for a deputy post. With 589 votes, he received the worst result of the five applicants. This was interpreted as the delegate’s receipt for his performance.

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For the first time, the party conference took place completely digitally. In the party conference studio on the Berlin exhibition grounds, only the closest leadership circle around the previous CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Secretary General Paul Ziemiak, the three candidates Laschet, Merz and Röttgen and technicians were present on Friday and Saturday due to the corona pandemic.

Only three CDU members could ask questions

The 1001 delegates watched the speeches of the three candidates in front of the computer or television and were then able to vote online. All three candidates had 15 minutes each before the election, followed by a virtual question and answer session.

Only three CDU members had the chance to ask a question, also due to technical problems, one of them was Jens Spahn. In order to make the election legally secure, a postal vote follows. The result is to be announced on January 22nd.

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