Spain: a former Mercedes employee wrecks around 50 utilities (video)

The damage could cost Mercedes millions of euros. The malefactor would have let out an anger he had carried within him for years.

A disgruntled former employee of the Mercedes plant in Vitoria, in northern Spain, destroyed around 50 brand-new utility vehicles using a backhoe loader, regional police were told on Tuesday . ” He stole a backhoe loader “In another company, located 21 kilometers from the Mercedes site, destroyed a gate of the German manufacturer’s factory before” rush with the vehicle on about fifty utilities parked in the parking lot On the night of December 30 to 31, according to police.

The fruit of frustration

Iñaki Andres Lozares, union representative at the German manufacturer’s factory, mentions 69 damaged utility vehicles in total. The management of the factory was not immediately reachable. A utility overturned on another and others completely dented appear in photos released by local media.

The man, 38, is a former Mercedes employee, police say. His contract with Mercedes ended at the end of 2017, according to Iñaki Andres Lozares. ” He felt frustration, not only with management but also with employees. (…) He tried to get into the editing facility »Of the factory with his backhoe loader, testifies the trade unionist, one of the 5,000 employees of the site. The damage for Mercedes would amount to between two and five million euros, according to sources within the company cited by the local press.


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