Spain, against the ‘amateur’ Uruguay with the idea of ​​recovering strength

Spain is one step away from reaching the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Egypt. For that it is necessary that Uruguay prevail this Saturday (3:30 pm Teledeporte) and that Poland lose against Hungary. The first of the two premises seems clear that it will occur. The second is more difficult, no matter how much the Magyars are superior to the Poles.

That Hispanics must beat Uruguay, as much as there is never anything written in sports, it is almost a certainty. Anything that was not a victory for the reigning European champions would be a galactic surprise. Uruguay is a group of amateur players, none of them play outside their country, and that is in the second phase thanks to the fact that Cape Verde had to withdraw due to a lack of players as a result of the pandemic.

Their numbers say almost everything, if not everything: 48 goals scored, 117 conceded. And in three games. At an average of 16 goals for and 39 against. His place, undoubtedly, was the President’s Cup. Little can be said about his game beyond the fact that his manifest inferiority is supplemented by the spirit of learning and of continuing to advance in a marginal sport in his country. And in handball, an amateur team is practically impossible to defeat a professional one.

Consequently, Jordi Ribera and his men face this Saturday’s meeting with all due respect for a rival whom there is no reason to humiliate, but who will be a good opponent to give minutes to those who play less so they do not lose rhythm competition. And, in parallel, letting those who accumulate the most time on the court rest. An active rest that should come in handy for the Hispanics to face Hungary on Monday the match that will have to decide which rival they will meet in the quarterfinals: Either France or another. Everything will depend on the position in which Spain finishes.


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