Spain covered by the heaviest snowfall in 50 years

Palm trees covered in snow, skiers to its famous Puerta del Sol square, or even a man standing on a sled pulled by five dogs … Madrid, which had not been covered with such a snowpack since 1971, was wrapped in powder on Friday January 8th.

20 additional centimeters of snow this Saturday

The snowstorm that hit the center of the country paralyzed entire regions overnight. At least a thousand vehicles remained stranded on the roads, public transport was suspended and Madrid airport shut down. The worst is yet to come, since the weather forecasting agency AEMET announces, for the day of Saturday, January 9, 20 centimeters of additional snow in the plains in the center of the country and up to 50 centimeters in altitude.

These snowfalls are the heaviest on the peninsula in 50 years. Five regions have been placed on red alert, starting with the region of Madrid, where public buses have been suspended, as has garbage collection. “Today has been difficult, but tomorrow will be even more so. Madrid City Hall will be working hard, but we need you to stay at home tomorrow ”, tweeted Madrid mayor José Luis Martinez-Almeida in a video posted shortly before midnight.

Army help

In addition to Madrid, Aragon, the region of Valencia, that of Castile-La Mancha and Catalonia were the areas most affected by this storm. The town hall of the historic city of Toledo and that of Albacete even had to ask the army for help to clear snow.

According to the weather forecast, storm Filomena, the source of this rare snowfall, will move northeast on Sunday, which will lead to less snowfall even though temperatures will remain exceptionally low. An unofficial national record of -34.1 ° C was recorded at an altitude of over 2,000 meters at the private weather station of Clot de la Llança, in the center of the Spanish Pyrenees.


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