Spain crushes Germany and dreams again

“Better that only be worth winning because that way we cannot speculate.” Premonitory sentence of Luis Enrique in the previous one fantastic duel in which Spain recovered the entire goal that had been denied him, he found great certainties thinking about the Eurocup and went over an erratic Germany with a historic win, always unimaginable and more in a duel in which the go to the ‘final four’ of the Nations League. The determination, exquisite football and devastating efficiency of La Roja contrasted with a behavior that was even uncomplicated in the ‘Mannschaft’ that could even cost the highly controversial Joaquim Löw his job, desolate and with no reaction capacity.

Perhaps the Teutons were confident that two results served them, that they were presented in Seville after twelve games without losing and that they had been scoring at least one goal for 20 consecutive games, and they let a Spanish team do with unusual ease that, if you let them, have players with refined technique who play until you get bored or desperate. Re-engage and excite Spain, although it is known that in this hyperbolic country one goes from pessimism to being world champions in a night of euphoria. You have to be calm, but this team looks very good in which it shone with its own light Ferran Torres, author of a ‘hat trick’ that you can never forget. He grew up at Valencia with Marcelino and is on his way to the top with Pep Guardiola at City. Overflows, associates, alternates the game in short and long and has a goal. Last night, he brought out the colors to Max, a PSV midfielder.

In this search process undertaken by Luis Enrique, the coach decided to completely change the midfield in his most important match of this second stage. Symptomatic because he always boasts that, in his opinion, it is the key area and insists that Spain has the best midfielders in the world. Before the absence forced by injury of Busquets, entered Rodrigo Hernandez, whose sole presence on the ground is impressive, seconded by Koke and Canales. Full success of the Gijón coach because the mattress has experience, trade, good touch and excellent tactical reading. It is not the fastest, nor the most arriving, nor the most forceful, but it does everything. The Betic was injured very soon and Fabian entered, key in those corner kicks that preluded the goals of Morata and Rodri. Spanish success in the strategy and horrible defense of the Germans, poorly located and not very intense, almost contemplative. They only needed to applaud, as in that great goal by Puyol in the semifinals of the World Cup in South Africa.


Unai Simón, Sergi Roberto, Sergio Ramos (Eric García, min. 43), Pau Torres, Gayà, Rodri, Koke, Canales (Fabián, min. 12), Ferran (Oyarzabal, min. 73), Morata (Gerard Moreno, min 73) and Dani Olmo (Marco Asensio, min. 73).


Neuer, Ginter, Süle (Tah, min. 46), Koch, Max, Goretzka (Neuhaus, min. 61), Kroos, Gundogan, Sané (Waldschmidt, in. 61) Gnabry y Werner (Henrichs, min. 76).


1-0: min. 17, Morata. 2-0: min. 33, Ferran. 3-0: min. 38, Rodri. 4-0: min. 55, Ferran. 5-0: in. 72, Ferran. 6-0: min. 88, Oyarzabal.


Andreas Ekberg (Sweden): Yellow showed Koch and Tah.


Match of the sixth and last day of group 4 of the League of Nations played behind closed doors in La Cartuja.

Morata a real battering ram

As rectifying is wise, Luis Enrique was also smart to stop experimenting with nine liars and opt for Morata, in an optimal state at Juventus. The Madrilenian took out the manual of what the center forward should be and claimed for the Eurocup. He held the ball on his back, turned, unloaded, opened the wing, unchecked, finished off in any position and also managed to score his first goal for the national team in a year, from 7-0 to Malta in Cádiz. Traditionally, it is no coincidence that great teams and champion teams have almost always enjoyed a classic battering ram that you hit even a melon, which is not the case, and you get at least one foul in favor. They canceled the second to Morata for an offside that did not seem like it after a model combination.

Phenomenal also the versatility of Dani Olmo and special mention for Ferran on that highway that he found on the right side. Certainly this Germany also in transition sounds great from Kroos and Gundogan forward, but backward it is flimsy, a caricature of the old days. The two sides are very weak and the central ones are also minor Süle y Koch. Ferran struck over and over again as in that action of the annulled goal to Morata, he scored three and had several times before, such as one that Nauer took him in hand to hand. He signed the second at a key moment, when Germany doubted whether to continue waiting or start pressing from their attack. Ferran took advantage of a rejection of the crossbar after a header from the omnipresent Dani Olmo, who was put in a movie by Koke. Rodri’s header in another corner kick would still arrive before the break that brought out the colors of the Teutons. They haven’t conceded three goals in the first act since 1958.

With everything on track, a shame Sergio Ramos’ muscle injury. It has not been the ideal concentration on the personal of the Sevillian of course. He felt a puncture and asked for the change. Bad feeling because the captain is not exactly one of those who is erased. Opportunity for the young Eric García as a companion of Pau Torres, of whom little is said but who plays with a confidence and self-confidence that seems to have been a hundred games with La Roja. Spain sufficiently controlled the situation in the second half against a depressed and depressing Germany. Ferran completed his big night with the fourth and fifth, and even Oyarzabal came out in time to put the icing on the blank set. Spain crushed Germany. How the film has changed since the final of Euro 2008 and that goal by Fernando Torres to the ‘Mannschaft’.


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