Spain, Germany, United States … These countries where the authorities are reconfiguring

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One step forward, two steps back. Managing an epidemic, especially when it spreads worldwide, is not easy. Some countries, which accuse in certain zones an outbreak of contaminations, like Spain this Saturday, decided to reintroduce containment measures, more than six months after the census of the first cases of coronavirus in China. The Parisian takes stock of these health decisions, state by state.

The vehemence of certain clusters in Europe

In Spain, Catalonia on the defensive. While Spain was one of the European countries hardest hit by the epidemic, the autonomous region on Saturday ordered the confinement of an area comprising some 200,000 inhabitants, around Lerida (northeast). In this part of the region, entry and exit are restricted and groups of more than ten people are prohibited.

Portugal: home confinement in Lisbon. In the Lisbon region, “home confinement” has been decreed since July 1 for 700,000 inhabitants of twenty neighborhoods, for at least two weeks.

Several cantons reconfigured in Germany. Two one-week local reconfigurations were announced on June 23, affecting more than 600,000 people in two neighboring cantons, Gütersloh and Warendorf. In the first, the measures were extended until July 7. A reconfiguration had already been decided on May 18 in the canton of Coesfeld.

Leicester, in the viewfinder of the United Kingdom. On June 29, the government announced a tightening of containment in Leicester, including the closure of non-essential stores, at a time when restrictions were being relaxed in the country.

VIDEO. England: crowded beaches alert authorities

700 people reconfigured in Italy. In Mondragone, near Naples, nearly 700 people were ordered on June 22 to confine themselves to their place of residence. Most of them are Bulgarians employed in the agricultural sector.

Strict measures in Ukraine. Kiev announced the reintroduction on June 19 of strict containment measures.

Some areas of concern in Asia

China: the cradle of the coronavirus cannot eradicate it. Wuhan, the cradle of the epidemic, was deconfigured from the beginning of April, but the town hall immediately re-imposed confinement on 70 residential districts among the 7000 of the city. Beijing, the Chinese capital also decided to close its sports and cultural sites on June 15, also closing around twenty neighborhoods.

15 million people reconfigured in India. The state of Tamil Nadu (south) ordered the reconfiguration from June 19 until the end of the month of the agglomeration of Chennai. This measure affects around 15 million people.

Coaster pedaling in Azerbaijan. The country of 10 million inhabitants decreed a strict reconfiguration from June 22 until August 1.

Outbreak of cases in North and South America

Reverse in the United States. Several American states have backtracked after a relaxation or a pause in their deconfinement, with in particular a closure of bars in California, Texas and Florida, as well as beach closings in California and Florida.

15 days of reconfinement in Argentina. Containment measures were tightened in Buenos Aires and its periphery from July 1 to 17. On May 19, Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina, had already reconsidered the relaxation of containment.

Concerns in Panama. The Latin American country experienced a return to containment from June 8 in the capital and in a neighboring province.

Guyana is struggling to contain the virus. Since June 10, the traffic conditions of the population of this French territory have been tightened, with a reconfiguration for the 16 municipalities (out of 22) affected by the virus, from June 13 to June 15, and an extension of the curfew the other days.

On June 25, the prefecture decided to close all bars and restaurants, target containment of around 20 new neighborhoods, and tighten the curfew.

In the Middle East Lebanon and the West Bank reconfigured

Lebanon has ordered a four-day reconfiguration, starting in the evening of May 13, while the West Bank has been sealed off since July 3 and for five days. Authorities had already ordered the temporary closure of the cities of Nablus (north), Hebron and Bethlehem (south) last week.

Oceania: Australia takes a step back

300,000 Melbourne residents will have to stay home for at least five days from Saturday.


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