Spain laughs with the arrival of the "deep fake" that parodies politicians

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The Manipulated videos are nothing new. But with the new technologies, the realism achieved has allowed to obtain amazing results. The so-called "deep fakes" have become one of the great challenges of social networks. Famous people like Barack Obama, Donald Trump or Jennifer Lawrence They have been subject to multimedia experiments that even confuse the viewer. In Spain, the impact of this technology begins to be detected with examples such as that of a video entitled «Team E»That parodies Spanish politicians. These sequences are increasingly popular to create "memes" that even, in malicious hands, can contribute to propaganda.

The humorous video that has appeared on the channel Youtube, whose authorship is attributed to a group called « Face to Fake», Based on the head of the famous television series« The Team A », but replaces the faces of the original protagonists with those of the main Spanish politicians. His head was well known for its beginning: "In 1972 a command composed of four of the best men in the American army were imprisoned for a crime they had not committed." Thus, Hannibal Smith, leader of the group, has been modified with a remarkable realism by the face of Pablo Casado, Presidential candidate for the Popular Party. Gestures, details, movements are very well achieved that they even get to confuse.

For his part, «Phoenix», a character who was known for his physical attractiveness, «interprets» Pedro Sanchez, leader of the PSOE, while the face of Albert rivera, of Citizens, appears on the one of H. M. «Howling Mad» Murdock, who for the neonates, was very dear for his crazy behaviors. By last, Santiago Abascal, President of Vox, replaces the stubborn M.A Baracus (B.A.), whom many admired for his aesthetics – and gold pendants that surrounded his neck. Pablo Iglesias, from United We can, instead, "play" Amy Amanda Allen, the journalist who was forced to join the team.

The manipulated video has become very popular in social networks and accumulates, at the time of writing this information, more than 280 thousand views. It is not the first content of this type of the author, since in his official channel of Youtube other videos of type «appeardeep fake»Humorous films like«Braveheart»,«Gladiator», As well as other content where other political leaders are parodied as Mariano Rajoy, former president of the Government.

These "fake" videos have already been used to attribute words and phrases to politicians They have never pronounced them. Sharp and manipulated claims that at the time of its detection has been rapidly viralized by social networks, further complicating the work of verification algorithms. Social networks have raised the voice to fight these videos, but it is a complicated task.

Facebook has even acknowledged having kept "fakes" videos of political leaders on its platform by considering that they are not "censors", it has generated great concern in this regard. Other services such as Twitter have wanted to reduce their virality by informing about their false content on a label. The controversial, and worrying at the same time, is that it is feared that such videos are perfected to such a degree that they will be used to impersonate and modify the identity of known characters.

«When you just take your face, the problem is simplified. Taking a whole body of a person, with a background to work on, can not be totally realistic, but there is already a field of research in this regard »

Jorge Muñoz, expert in Deep Learning and Artificial Vision of Serendeepia, a firm specialized in this area, acknowledged in an interview for ABC that this practice "is a bit scary", although it lowers concern because, for now, certain considerations are needed to achieve a degree of hyperrealism: a large amount of data , high quality videos and have been rehearsed with famous people. Three years ago, precisely, a test with Barack Obama, former president of the United States. Its result was creepy, and it is difficult to know if it is a computer-processed sequence.

This expert, however, believes that these "deep fakes" techniques they work more shockingly, even sowing confusion, when applied only to human faces. «When you just take your face, the problem is simplified. Taking a whole body of a person, with a background to work on, is not completely realistic, but there is already a field of research in this regard, ”he added.

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