Spain launches the call that will launch the infrastructure in Precision Medicine

The agenda set for the Spanish Strategy for Personalized Medicine it had already launched a call for grants aimed at taking advantage of existing and capacities and meeting its challenges. In this regard, the Council of Ministers has given the green light to launch the Infrastructure of Precision Medicine associated with Science and Technology (IMPaCT). Thus, we continue walking in the strategy described in the Shock Plan for Science and Innovation (presented in July), for which its first credit transfer was announced last week.

The initial endowment, which reaches 25.8 million euros, foresees that the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) will launch three of the advanced plans in Precision Medicine: Predictive Medicine, Data Science and Genomic Medicine. These programs, “closely related to each other”, will seek to generate a solid scientific base in network that will facilitate the actions to be carried out during 2021.

As detailed, they can benefit from this call entities and institutions that carry out or manage R + D + I activities in Biomedicine or in Health Sciences and Technologies. Those interested may request the coordination of one of the three programs, for which they will present a proposal for an Action Plan. In addition, they must specify the list of collaborating entities that will participate together with the applicant and the resources and infrastructure they provide. Likewise, one project per program will be awarded.

The objective is to configure an infrastructure of scientific-technical services that supports and strengthens the R & D & i capabilities in Precision Medicine existing, as well as the actual implementation of the same in the SNS. Likewise, it will allow generating the capacity for immediate analysis of data obtained in real time, to provide a coordinated and immediate response to any scientific emergency that affects Public Health, and to direct research towards health problems.

On the other hand, it will seek to enhance the participation and leadership of Spain in international R & D & I projects, programs, platforms and infrastructures aimed at Precision Medicine and data science.

The plans, in detail

1PREDICTIVE MEDICINE PROGRAM. It is aimed at the design and implementation of a large population cohort with clinical, epidemiological and biological data, measured at the individual level. This allows to represent the entire population residing in Spain, including ethnic variability and geographical and environmental diversity.

The purpose is to generate a record of individual and population data that is the basis for better decision making in health. In this sense, its development would allow the construction of predictive models of disease, identify health inequalities, monitor key indicators and evaluate the impact of health policies.

2- DATA SCIENCE PROGRAM. It aims to develop a system for the collection, integration and analysis of clinical and molecular data aimed at improving the health of each individual patient. In addition, it contemplates the secondary use of the existing information in the SNS for the benefit of society with public health, health planning and research objectives.

Your goal is optimize information management generated, to interpret and apply it in the most effective way for the population and the health system. Also provide bioinformatics tools for the management of genomic data and Medical Informatics solutions for the management and integration of clinical data. In this sense, the idea is to facilitate the interoperability of the clinical information systems of the different autonomous health systems.

3- GENOMIC MEDICINE PROGRAM. It will develop coordination infrastructures and protocols to carry out genomic analysis and other ‘omic’ data in an effective, efficient and equitable accessible manner throughout the national territory. It will take as support large Spanish research centers that already have state-of-the-art sequencing technology and experience in its application to the diagnosis of human diseases.

The purpose is to guarantee a state strategic reserve of diagnostic sequencing services of very high complexity. These will be provided at no economic cost to patients or regional health services. In this way, it seeks to optimize and reinforce the capacities of mass sequencing available, orienting them to the needs of genetic diagnosis (exomes, complete genomes …) and paying special attention to the early molecular diagnosis of rare diseases.

National Center for Advanced Therapies

The global investment of the Spanish Strategy for Personalized Medicine reaches the known amount of 77.3 million euros. To these 25.8 million approved in a credit transfer to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, another 51.5 million will be added in 2021. They must complete the actions foreseen in the Shock Plan.

Among it are the creation of a National Center for Advanced Therapies and R + D + I projects. This Strategy will be coordinated by the ISCIII and its preparation and implementation will be co-led by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, with the participation of all the autonomous communities.

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