Spain sends 20,000 kilos of material to Ukraine and will prepare beds for the wounded in hospitals in Madrid and Zaragoza

Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

© Carlos Luján
Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

The Defense Minister, Margaret Oakshas advanced that the Government will send this Sunday to Ukraine a total of 20,000 kilos of medical supplies and protection, while also preparing one hundred beds in hospitals of Madrid and Zaragoza in case it is necessary bring wounded from the country who faces the invasion of russia.

This has been indicated, from the Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base (Madrid), where he has gone to witness the loading of a Air Force A400M aircraft with material destined for Poland.

Robles explained that this Sunday two Air Force planes leave the base for a airport 90 kilometers from the border between Poland and Ukraine, in polish territoryalthough there is an “alternative” aerodrome to deliver the aid since the weather situation is “bad”.

The first of the planes has left this sunday morningwhile the second was planned to do so during the afternoon, the minister has detailed. The Ukrainian authorities are waiting for her help to move her to where they need her.

As for the material, Robles explained that it is masks and glovesbut also from sanitary protection suits and defensesuch as bulletproof helmets, vests or material against bacteriological and nuclear warfare.

On the other hand, the Minister of Defense has underlined that the Executive is preparing a total of one hundred beds in Spanish hospitals75 at the Gómez Ulla Hospital in Madrid and 25 in the Zaragoza to respond in case it is necessary to attend to people injured in Ukraine in the context of the conflict. “We would bring them here,” has specified.

The aid sent by Spain on an “urgent” basis will not prejudice the aid it carries out in coordination with the EU, which will agree at a meeting of foreign ministers of its member states this Sunday afternoon “coordinated material delivery mechanisms”, according to Robles. In addition, the bloc will celebrate on Monday a defense ministers meeting to address the situation.

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