Spain tries to exploit migration to distract from real issue with Morocco (analyst)

In its diplomatic and media “war” against Morocco, the government of Pedro Sanchez tried to exploit the migratory segment to divert attention and raise a smokescreen around the real bone of contention between Rabat and Madrid that is the Brahim Ghali affair, political scientist Mustapha Tossa said on Saturday.

“In its attempt to mobilize its European allies, Spain has played fully on the sensitive chord of migratory anxiety which grips European capitals whenever it is a question of their external borders”, underlines Mr. Tossa in a commentary. analysis published on the Atlasinfo website.

The political scientist points to a “perverse game” in which Madrid is playing by seeking “absolutely to pass Morocco off as a country which practices Turkish-style blackmail against the countries of the European Union”.

According to Mr. Tossa, Madrid openly aspired to throw a “political camouflage on its original sin”, that of having received on the sly, the public enemy number one of Morocco, the leader of the Polisario, the main instrument of the Algerian war machine. against the Kingdom for decades.

In its international communication, continues the political scientist in his analysis entitled “The two Spanish scenarios for Brahim Ghali”, Morocco has reframed this attempt to refocus it on the real issues, by insisting that the dispute is not migratory like the spectacular images used excessively could imply it, but genuinely political and strategic as the reception in scandalous conditions by Madrid of the leader of the Polisario militias proved it bluntly.

“The gesture is all the more serious as the Spaniards, better than anyone, were well placed to perceive the sensitivity of the issue of the Moroccan Sahara and its probable explosions”, notes the commentator.

As tension mounts between Morocco and Spain, as the language of challenge and rupture dominates exchanges between the two countries, everyone is wondering about the possible solutions that can end this crisis in one way or another. on the other hand and break this tense status quo between two neighboring countries supposed to maintain the best relations imposed on them by geography, history and contemporary challenges, he notes.

And to add that these interrogations have for backbone the fate that the Spanish authorities intend to reserve for the Algerian citizen Mohamed Benbattouche, alias the leader of the separatist militias of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali, prosecuted by the Spanish justice for “war crimes, torture, forcible confinement, kidnapping, rape ”.

“It is in this context that we wonder about the multiple scenarios that are offered to Spain to get out of this crisis, based on the strong and undeniable conviction that Morocco is determined to obtain truth, reparation and justice. », Insists Mr. Tossa.

Two distinct scenarios are available to the Spanish authorities. The first is to exfiltrate Brahim Ghali under the same conditions that the Algerian citizen Benbattouche borrowed to sneak into Spain, he explains, adding that this means sending Brahim Ghali back to “his country, Algeria, after a sham of justice to reassure those who are worried within the political and media class of the country about the independence of the Spanish justice system, violently challenged by this affair ”.

This option in phase with the deliberately antagonistic positions with Morocco will have the immediate effect of establishing a “lasting rupture” between the two countries, warns the political scientist, noting that no common political project will be possible while the tension and the distrust will be the only levers of relations between Rabat and Madrid since Spain will have behaved as an “assumed enemy” of Morocco’s vital interests by openly aligning itself with the separatist theses of the Polisario.

“This openly supposes that Spain would have preferred to sacrifice its strategic partnership with Morocco to please Algeria,” he maintains.

The second scenario, specifies Mr. Tossa, is that “the Spanish deep state”, to the chagrin of Algeria, accepts its error and allows the Spanish justice to be accomplished in complete independence, adding that under these conditions, Brahim Ghali will have to pay for all the crimes he has committed.

“For the face of this crisis between Morocco and Algeria around the Sahara, it is the equivalent of Checkmate. The Polisario leader will end his days in Spanish prisons for having raped and committed war crimes. The separatist movement of which Algeria remains the sole sponsor will receive the coup de grace from which it is difficult to see how it will be able to recover. And any country or political group which by calculations or interests expressed the slightest sympathy for this movement will have to review their convictions and the object of their empathies, ”he insists. In this affair between Algeria and Spain around this war criminal, Morocco has shown a “great solidity” in the positions and a “flawless firmness”, because it sees in this unprecedented sequence the opportunity to fold the match by depositing the icon of the Polisario separatists in Spanish prisons, believes the political scientist.

And to continue that after this adventure and if events evolve as Moroccan diplomacy wishes, the crisis with Spain will soon be a bad memory.

For Europe as for the countries which are still hesitating, the path to the total recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara will be paved by this Moroccan diplomatic success, concludes Mr. Tossa.

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