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Spanish cinema closes the year with the lowest grossing figure of the 21st century

The Spanish cinema closes the year 2021 with the lowest figure so far in the 21st century. The numbers are close to the figures of the previous year, marked by the pandemic, but the final push has been noticed in this month of December of some of the recent releases. According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in the absence of closing the year they already exceed the 40 million euros.

The boost to the box office in this last month of films such as ‘Way down’, by Jaume Balagueró or ‘The good patron’, by Fernando León de Aranoa, added to the recovery that the announcement of the candidate films always supposes. Goya Awards, has made In just 20 days the box office went from 34.7 million euros and 5.8 million viewers at the beginning of December to 40.4 million euros and 6.7 million viewers of the last week of this month.

Despite the fact that in this last week it could exceed the collection of the previous year, lThe trend these days of attendance is being downwards due to the health situation and even some premieres that were scheduled for next year such as ‘La abuela’, Paco Plaza’s film (for January 5), have already been postponed pending improvement.

Spanish cinema recorded in the year 2020 a total of 43 million euros and 7.3 million viewers, This figure was already the worst mark in the last two decades – and which made up thanks to the good work of ‘Father there is no more than one 2’ -. That year, despite starting the first two months at a very good pace, there were both two months of confinement and severe restrictions on capacity, which hurt the box office.

In 2021 there have also been rsanitary restrictions, especially in the first months of the year, so the figures are still marked by covid-19. That is why it is still very far from previous years, such as 2019, when 94.1 million euros and 16 million viewers were reached.

While in the year 2018 la recaudation stood at 103.7 million euros, with ‘Champions’ leading the ranking (19 million euros), in 2017, a similar figure was reached, thanks in part to the impulse of ‘Tadeo Jones 2’ (17.9 million euros). In fact, the box office record for Spanish cinema came in 2014 – 125.7 million euros – with the effect ‘Eight Basque surnames’ (56 million euros).

On the contrary, the lowest figures at the box office throughout this century are those of the year 2013, with 70.2 million euros; and those of the year 2000, with 53.7 million euros, according to the Statistics of Cinematography: Production, Exhibition, Distribution and Promotion of the Ministry of Culture and Sports consulted by Europa Press.

Santiago Segura to the rescue

The year 2021 has in comedy ‘At full train. Destination Asturias‘- released in the summer – to the outstanding leader in collection, thanks to its 8.4 million euros and 1.5 million viewers. Once again, Santiago Segura is once again the highest-grossing director of the year, with a cast led by Leo Harlem and Florentino Fernández.

After this title, a film released in mid-November, ‘Way down’ by Jaume Balagueró, It seems to boost the box office of Spanish cinema at the end of the year, with 5.3 million euros collected and 837,891 viewers with five weeks on the billboard. ‘The Good Patron’, the Spanish film selected for the Oscars, has exceeded 3.2 million euros and has also gathered half a million viewers since its premiere in October, becoming one of the new boxers in the last month.

A comedy like ‘Operation Shrimp’, premiered in June of this year, it occupies the third position thanks to 3.3 million euros collected and 562,579 viewers. Meanwhile, the drama ‘Maixabel’, the film by Icíar Bollaín about the repentant of the terrorist band ETA and released in September also reaches good numbers: 2.8 million euros and just over half a million viewers.

Another prominent mention is the premiere of the comedy ‘The Perfect Family’, which in just two and a half weeks has achieved 1.2 million euros and 191,119 viewers. Other tapes such as’ Parallel Mothers’, by Pedro Almodóvar -2.6 million euros and 425,123 viewers- or the animation of ‘D’Artacan’ -1.1 million euros and 216,791 viewers- are also up this year ‘ black ‘cinematic.

Producers warn of the “hurricane”

This situation has already been dealt with by Spanish film producers. Mariela Besuievski, producer of Tornasol and member of the board of directors of AECINE (State Film Association), has described the current situation of box office collection in movie theaters as “worrying”, but warns that the measures to alleviate the losses caused by the “hurricane” of the pandemic will take time to arrive.

“The health of the box office is worrying and is one of the challenges for the coming months, but we will have to wait, because creating an alarm at a time when you are in the middle of the hurricane is dangerous, “Beuievski said in statements to Europa Press during the celebration of the General Assembly of European independent producers held in Madrid.

“It is an objective fact that there are fewer spectators, but also a health alarm. You have to ask for patience, although you cannot always have it due to financial problems, “the producer pointed out.


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