Spanish government plans not to admit tourists all summer Abroad

With more than 15,000 deaths and more than 153,000 confirmed infections, Spain is one of the most affected countries in the world, Het Nieuwsblad writes.

The measure would be a disaster for the already fragile Spanish economy: tourism is one of the main sources of income. That the government is considering this measure is indicative of fears of a new revival of the virus that has already taken such a heavy toll in the country.

According to the plan, foreign tourists should not enter Spain and Spaniards should not leave the country unless they have a special health certificate.

Going on holiday in your own country should be allowed and even promoted. Although certain restrictions are also possible there: for example, it would be mandatory to wear a mask on public transport and to wear the social distancingrules to follow.

The state of emergency has been in force in Spain since March 14, and the country has been in complete lockdown since March 30. The measures were extended a few days ago to April 26.

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