Spanish museums increase in visitors and El Prado breaks its record

Most of the great spanish museums recorded an increase of visitors in 2019. The Prado Museum, coinciding with the celebration of its bicentennial, broke the record with more than 3.2 million people, which is 10.73% more than in 2018. And in Catalunya, three museum spaces exceeded the barrier of one million visitors: the museum Picasso, the Dalí from Figueres and the CosmoCaixa. According to data from Yearbook of Cultural Statistics 2019 of the Ministry of Culture, 44.2% of Catalans claimed to have visited a museum in the last year, reflecting an upward trend over recent years.

In Barcelona, ​​museums and exhibition spaces that depend on Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (Icub) have received 4.8 million visitors, 4.3% more than the previous year. More than 170,000 people participated in The Nit dels Museus
, and among the visitors are 180,000 schoolchildren. Of the Barcelona museums, it is worth highlighting the 1,091,027 visitors of the Picasso, which is 11% more than in 2018 and the best figure in recent years (the record is 1.5 million in 2011). Of the exhibition proposals, the 183,781 visitors of Picasso, the look of the photographer.

At the Spanish level, behind the Prado is Reina Sofía

The MNAC reaches 835,000 visitors, slightly lower than in 2018, which benefited from the great exhibition on Dalí and Gala. The Macba records 357,029 spectators, which represents an increase of 7.6%. This last museum was damaged in 2018 by a personnel strike. And the same happened with the Fundació Miró, which in 2019 had 364,514 visitors, 3.29% more, which breaks a downward trend in recent years.

The CosmoCaixa adds 1,002,965 visitors, in a year marked by the inauguration of the new Universo hall and in which the temporary exhibition Mirrors It has been the most visited, exceeding 509,000 spectators. CaixaForum records another 674,594. And the set of La Caixa museums throughout Spain exceeds 7 million tickets (the CaixaForum in Madrid reaches 719,000).

With an approximate figure of 513,000 visitors, the CCCB also exceeds its historical record when it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Other notable figures are 1.1 million of the Born Center of Culture and Memories (although in this case passer data are included in the enclosure), the 885,000 of Montjuïc Castle (with a star exposure, L’Art of War which had 130,792) and 564,000 of Park Güell. The Natural Science Museum was visited by 248,000 people; that of Història de Barcelona, ​​for 201,000; that of Disseny, for 147,000; The Virreina Center of the Image, 117,000, and the monastery of Pedralbes, 85,000.

At the Spanish level, after the Prado, Reina Sofía stands with 1.7 million, to which the nearly two million visitors of the Crystal Palace and the 716,000 of the Velázquez Palace add. The Thyssen of Madrid again exceeds one million viewers, with an increase of 11.5%. The Guggenheim in Bilbao registered 1,170,669 tickets and the Picasso in Malaga for the first time exceeded 700,000 visitors.

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